PMV offers financing solutions to all companies that operate in Flanders. They cover a company’s entire development cycle, from its earliest inception to its growth and internationalisation.

Depending on the situation or the purpose of the SME or large company in question, PMV offers risk captial, guarantees for capital loans, advantageous loans or investments via external funds.


PMV participates in innovative and rapidly expanding enterprises with a sustainable competitive advantage. In the early growth stages, this takes place primarily via share capital. At a later stage, subordinated loans may also play a part.

PMV provides guarantees to banks that grant loans to businesses. This is done via the normal Guarantee Scheme or via Gigarant, the guarantee fund for large enterprises and SMEs.

PMV also finances specific projects with a considerable social return. This may involve initiatives in the creative industry, day care, innovation or social investments or a Win-Win Loan.

PMV acquires stakes in professional risk capital funds. In this way it invests directly in Flemish businesses. PMV also monitors the strategy and risk spread of these funds. However, the funds take their own investment decisions.