With ARKimedes, PMV takes significant minority interests in so-called ARKIVs. These are private funds that invest in promising SMEs.
With CultuurInvest, PMV is targeting entrepreneurs in the creative industry.
PMV invests in energy-efficiency, energy-saving, alternative energy production and in infrastructure to support the sustainable energy sector.
PMV is involved in developing brownfields. These are neglected or under-used industrial sites requiring structural measures.
Gigarant is there for SMEs or large enterprises who require credit guarantees in excess of EUR 1.5 million.
Ambitious entrepreneurs often hit a financial ceiling. PMV offers various interesting formulas to break through this ceiling.
Innovation Mezzanine invests in projects of start-up businesses that have received a subsidy from the IWT.
The PMV fund KidsInvest therefore provides financing for independent child-minders and day-care centres.
Through Nautinvest nv, PMV invests in nautical and water-based projects, such as a new Flemish pilotage fleet.
PMF Infrastructure Fund gives institutional investors (like pension funds, insurers or saving banks) access to PMV's infrastructure projects.
PMV invests in sustainable property with a social added value. Medium-sized and large property projects lend themselves to a creative PPS approach.
Via its subsidiary School Invest, PMV is investing in a large-scale catch-up operation.
PMV provides risk capital to innovative starters and young companies in their initial growth phase.
The Social Investment Fund provides advantageous loans to businesses from the social economy.
SOFI invests in incubation projects and spin-off companies of research centres, universities and colleges in Flanders.
PMV is investing in the Flemish Government’s catch-up programme for sports infrastructure and in the modernisation of our football stadiums.
TINA is a market-driven investment fund for corporate consortia, aimed at transforming, innovating and accelerating Flanders' industrial fabric.
The Guarantee Scheme offers the bank or credit provider loans up to EUR 1.5 million
PMV is filling in the missing links in the Flemish road network via public-private partnerships.
The Win-Win loan makes it easier for you to find start-up capital in your immediate vicinity.