Partner of creative entrepreneurs

The aim of CultuurInvest is to create financial breathing space for entrepreneurs to grow their business by means of:

  • Investments based on subordinated loans or equity participations.
  • Support by coaching and advice.

Who is eligible for an investment?

  • Enterprises from the cultural and creative industries; audiovisual, fine arts, design, gaming, printed media, fashion, music, new media, performing arts, cultural heritage, architecture, advertising and communication.
  • SME’s and non-profit organisations. Natural persons are not eligible.
  • The main trading operational office of the enterprise should be established in the Flemish or Brussels Region. For enterprises in Brussels there should be a clear link with Flanders.
  • Enterprises that are not in difficulties.
  • In the case of equity participation, private parties should invest at least 30% of the total financing need.
  • PMV invested with CultuurInvest already amounts between 30.000 euro and 1 million euro. Larger amounts can be invested within the PMV-group.

The advantages of CultuurInvest:

  • No guarantees are requested.
  • Loans are subordinated, which makes it easier to convince a bank or private party to co-invest.
  • It is possible to postpone capital repayments by granting a grace period.
  • Access to other financial products of PMV for a next financing round.
  • Guidance and coaching by the investment managers of PMV to put together a business- and financial plan and to realize these plans.
  • Being part of the network of creative entrepreneurs of CultuurInvest.

Facts and Figures

  • Amount of investments since launch of CultuurInvest: 70
  • Total committed amount: 11.5 million euro
  • Multiplicator effect from private parties: 13.3 million euro
  • Total amount that has flown back to the fund: 3.6 million euro
  • Current portfolio: 4.4 million euro
  • Current amount of active enterprises: 29

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