The paramount economic principle is that people have to make choices. After all, time waits for no man. PMV therefore focuses in particular on certain spearhead areas that can make a difference. Every now and then PMV also highlights other activities on this page, such as the possibilities offered by its Business Centre.


Business centre Kartuizer 63

Business centres are key building blocks of a flourishing business life. PMV therefore provides office and workshop space to promising organisations and entrepreneurs. After all, they have plenty of ideas. Kartuizer 63 Business Centre gives them all the space they need to convert them into actions.

Sustainable development

Contributing to the Flemish economy’s leading role in terms of sustainable development is one of PMV’s priority choices. The social importance of this is more topical than ever, and more and more opportunities are appearing for market players in the field of sustainable development.

Flanders' Care Invest

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Life Sciences

Flanders has an unmistakeable competitive advantage in the field of life sciences. PMV supplies the necessary oxygen to promising life sciences companies. It invests mainly in the fields of medical biotechnology, pharmaceutics, medical devices, diagnostics and bio-informatics, but also in industrial biotechnology and environmental biotechnology.