About PMV

PMV is a do and dare company that is shaping the future of the Flemish economy.

It provides funding for promising companies businesses, from the day they first open their doors, through their various growth stages and even on to operating internationally.

Working with and for the government and other partners, PMV implements projects that are important for prosperity and wellbeing in Flanders.

PMV is convinced that entrepreneurship is crucial for the development of a prosperous future for Flanders and everyone who lives there. It firmly believes that every promising enterprise project in Flanders needs to find funding – but also that every business needs to be profitable in order to be sustainable. Which is why PMV and the companies and projects in which it invests must be profitable in the end.


This mission is carried forward by the following beliefs:

  • PMV will only succeed if the common goal comes first for every employee. Each project needs a range of different skills; collaboration is essential and the project can only succeed if everyone is fully committed.
  • We believe that every employee will be motivated if he/she is able to keep developing – and that’s why everyone is given the room to grow. Everyone has the autonomy to use this space to improve and become more professional.
  • It is particularly stimulating to have the obligation and ability to contribute to the future of Flanders. You will notice that our enthusiasm makes all the difference.
  • PMV also attaches a great deal of importance to the principle of sound governance and the company has a Corporate Governance Charter. The aim of the charter is to embed the notion of transparency and objectivity in the governance structure. It also indicates the importance that PMV attaches to the principles of sound governance.
  • In all of its dealings, PMV makes every effort to act in line with the highest ethical standards. As such, it believes there is a need to draw up a code not only for its staff members, but also for its directors that will serve as a guide for their behaviour and actions.