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We want to make commuting the best part of your day. The shift in mobility offers opportunities to make commuting a much better experience than what it is today. That is exactly what we are realising with ÅSKA BIKE.

Filip Dehing, CEO of ÅSKA BIKE

ÅSKA BIKE was founded a few years ago by avid cyclists and engineers with a passion for e-mobility. They apply their years of experience from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and product development to e-bikes, creating an innovative e-bike that combines comfort and adventure.

ÅSKA believes that the speed pedelec is the perfect, sustainable alternative to the car and also offers a much better experience. ÅSKA is pronounced /oska/ and means thunder in Swedish. The Belgian brand chose this name to emphasise its love of the outdoors, its hunger for adventure and its focus on green innovation.

ÅSKA BIKE starts from a sophisticated geometry, and complements this with top-end components, a suspension front and rear fork, 29″ wheels with wide tyres and an extremely low-maintenance but powerful drivetrain. These rigorous choices for quality and consistent design create an unseen adventure riding experience, where fun, safety and speed go hand in hand. ÅSKA thus offers a bike that, with its exceptional handling, makes you forget about the bad Belgian cycle paths.

In addition, the manufacturer resolutely opts for exclusively Belgian and European components, for reasons of both durability and quality. With this, ÅSKA goes for a radical change in bicycle production. ÅSKA moves away from the classic tubular frame and bets on a patented concept in frame construction with local production to meet high quality standards.

Partners in ambition at ÅSKA BIKE

ÅSKA BIKE raises 1.3 million euros in an initial capital round. Backers are Flemish investment company PMV together with Bob Verbeeck (Golazo), Steven Buyse (CVC Capital Partners), Xavier Dewulf (G&V Energy Group), Stefan Tournoy (Veepee) and Mark De Smedt (Plan International). This capital increase will enable the company to achieve its ambitious growth targets.

“ÅSKA combines height technology with a sustainable vision, to help bring about the transition to sustainable mobility. From PMV, we are only too happy to invest in such textbook examples of sustainable innnovation. The ultimate goal must be to get more employees to cycle to work and thus reduce traffic jams. We believe ÅSKA offers a convincing product for that,” said Roald Borré, Group Manager Equity Investments at PMV.

Investment team ÅSKA BIKE

Robin Mees Investment manager robin.mees@pmv.eu
Quinten Depré Financial analyst quinten.depre@pmv.eu