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Erfgoed - Huis van Hamme

‘Huis van Hamme’ is an 18th-century mansion right in the centre of Bruges, situated on Sint-Maartensplein, between Sint-Walburga Church and the College of Europe. Because of its imposing classicist facade and richly decorated salons, this mansion was protected as a monument in 1974. It is being redeveloped, with funding from PMV.

Since the French Revolution, the building was used by the government as the tax collector’s residence. This came to an end in 1983 when Hemelsdaele primary school opened a branch here. It used the building and its large garden for its educational activities until autumn 2017. In September 2017, VDD Project Development, acquired the property with a floor area of more than 2,000m² on a ca. 1950m² plot. The developer plans a high-quality restoration and renovation into eight spacious and luxurious flats. To the rear of the plot, where the coach house of the mansion once stood, a new construction volume is planned in which 2 single-family homes will be built on top of a semi-underground car park. The inner area will be laid out as a high-quality shared garden for the future residents of the residence. This redevelopment with restoration of the beautiful moulded facade and the authentic salons, one of which is covered in Mechelen leather, ensures the preservation of this piece of Bruges heritage.

Heritage becomes sustainable projec

Conscious choices are being made to create a sustainable project in its form, consumption and maintenance. The project not only complies with all contemporary thermal and acoustic insulation requirements, but also focuses on renewable energies and low-energy concepts. Heating, ventilation and cooling are generated centrally. There is one central boiler room that provides full heat generation for all flats and common parts. The residential units are mechanically ventilated. Solar thermal collectors will be used to support domestic hot water production. Water from the roofs will be recovered in cisterns. The two coach house houses will be heated, ventilated and cooled with an individual ground/water heat pump and a balanced ventilation unit. The energy necessary for auxiliary heating of the ventilation air and cooling is provided by their individual heat pump brine/water coupled to one or two sealed boreholes. The heat pumps in these two units are used as both a heating source and passive cooling source. The project is also betting on electric charging stations for cars and bicycles.

PMV provides loan

PMV has provided a credit to VDD Project Development which will redevelop the mansion and associated land. The credit will allow the developer to complete the financing picture for both the purchase of the land and buildings and the subsequent construction works.

The heritage project in numbers

  • Redevelopment with energy-saving technologies of 2,000 sq m of floor space;
  • 8 spacious flats and 2 single-family houses in a new-build volume with a quality shared garden.

Other partners

VDD Project Development, is a value-added developer specialising in the contemporary redevelopment of historic patrimony. www.vddprojectdevelopment.com

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