Oak Tree Projects: special homes for special people

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Vastgoed - Maatschappelijk vastgoed

Oak Tree Projects actively builds an inclusive society for (young) adults with support needs. To this end, the company builds Oak Tree houses, each in cohousing projects, where four to five people can live assisted independently, for life.

Many people with a mild mental or motor disability, an illness or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) need appropriate and sustainable housing. Due to their high degree of independence, specialised institutions are not the appropriate place to stay; nevertheless, they need adapted housing and occasional support. Their family members are also concerned about housing for their children, siblings. Danaë Van den bossche, Michèle Vermeire and Myriam Vereecke therefore decided to set up a cooperative society in which the friends and families of the target group can participate. The cooperative acquires homes in cohousing projects and rents them out to the target group at affordable prices. The residents pay rent to the company of which they themselves are shareholders. They obtain a lifelong housing right as long as they or their families remain cooperators and assisted independent living is possible. PMV decided to invest in the company in 2018.

Bertrand Van Regemortel Senior Investment Manager bertrand.vanregemortel@pmv.eu