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Benjamin Laga, CEO van Protealis

Combining science and technology with entrepreneurship to address social and environmental challenges is an ultimate dream for me. That is exactly what Protealis is all about.

Benjamin Laga, CEO

After decades in plant research, Benjamin Laga and Jonas Aper took the next step in their pursuit of locally grown and sustainable plant proteins by founding Protealis. As a spin-off of the research institutes VIB and ILVO, Protealis can boast a wide range of knowledge and innovative technologies.

The mission of the two young entrepreneurs is to make protein-rich crops such as legumes attractive again for European farmers. Their first focus is to develop high-protein, high-yield soybean varieties.

Benjamin Laga previously worked as a top researcher in plant biotechnology at BASF where he gained international experience in the area of seed business and innovation. Benjamin Laga becomes CEO of Protealis and is joined by Jonas Aper. Jonas Aper stood at the cradle of ILVO’s soy breeding programme and led it for eight years. Today, this breeding programme will be a cornerstone of their new company.

Protealis’ ambition is to play a meaningful role in making agriculture more sustainable by developing suitable varieties of soy.

Soja plant Protealis

Partners in ambition at Protealis

“The Ghent region was a pioneer in green biotechnology, has achieved numerous successes and is renowned worldwide. PMV is pleased to be able to put its weight behind this new promising project that can offer an answer to society’s increasing demand for sustainable and local production as well as respond to the ongoing trend whereby more and more consumers are looking for plant-based proteins. By developing high-quality soy that is suitable for local cultivation, Protealis also fits in nicely with the ambition of the Flemish protein strategy to achieve a more sustainable, diverse and future-oriented protein supply by 2030, and to contribute to increasing European self-sufficiency”, says Kenneth Wils, Head of Life Sciences & Care at PMV.

Investment team Protealis

Filip Goossens Principal investment manager filip.goossens@pmv.eu
Tine Bekaert Senior Investment Manager tine.bekaert@pmv.eu