Traicie: how to screen soft skills?

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Traicie, specialised in the automatic screening of ‘soft skills’ in the recruitment process, strengthened its growth ambitions last year with an EUR 850,000 financing round. In addition to new capital from management, traicie called on funding from Belfius as well as Cofinancing from PMV. The investment should make it possible to step up the commercialisation of the platform and develop new functionalities.

Traicie developed a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to guide HR professionals in screening job candidates. The AI-based platform optimises the recruitment process: defining the job profile, editing job descriptions, predicting personality traits and working style from the application documents… Traicie aims to support recruiters in this way, making recruitment processes faster and more efficient. By screening candidates prior to an interview without having them fill in online questionnaires, Traicie increases the efficiency of e.g. recruitment processes. The tool provides automated insight into candidates’ so-called ‘soft skills’. Traicie developed a personality profiling algorithm that can use semantics and language patterns to identify candidates and select the ideal profile to complete the team, based on a predetermined profile linked to the desired soft skills. The funding round will allow the company to further develop its platform and start the next phase of its commercial expansion. Filip Lacquet, group manager corporate finance at PMV, believes in the platform developed by Traicie: “The AI concept has since evolved into a market-ready solution. Together with Traicie, we believe AI will soon become a crucial part of many companies’ HR processes, and Traicie’s applications will dramatically change recruitment and other HR tasks.”