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Organisation & teams

PMV’s Board of Directors is the main body for strategic decisions, audit and supervision. The day-to-day management is delegated to the group management committee, which is responsible for implementation and reporting. Members of the Board are appointed for a period of six years, until 2019. The Board of Directors meets monthly. Every two years the Board members meet for a whole day to discuss the strategy to be implemented for PMV in the coming years.

Board of directors


Group Management Committee

The group management committee is headed by the General Manager, Michel Casselman.



Investment teams

  • Fund investments

  • Corporate loans

  • Guarantees above 1.5 million euros

  • Industrials and others

  • Infrastructure

  • Life Sciences & Care

  • Real Estate

Support services

  • Communications and management support

  • Finance department

  • Human Resources

  • ICT

  • Legal service

  • Organisation & Development

  • Facility service

  • Risk & Compliance

Frank Kindt
+32 (0)472 42 07 90