Mission and vision

As an investment company, PMV is building a sustainable Flemish economy,

the engine of our prosperity and well-being.

We are the partner of ambitious companies and projects

committed to social impact and financial return.

Our mission is driven by the belief that:

  • Entrepreneurship is crucial to developing a prosperous future for Flanders and all its inhabitants.
  • Every promising entrepreneurial project in Flanders must find funding.
  • Every enterprise must be profitable to be sustainable. Therefore, both PMV and the companies and projects it invests in must ultimately be profitable.
  • PMV only succeeds when the common goal prevails for every employee. Every project needs diverse expertise. Cooperation is essential and can only succeed if everyone is fully committed to the whole.
  • Every PMV employee will be motivated if they can continue to develop. PMV therefore gives everyone room to grow. Everyone is given the autonomy to use that space to become ever better and more professional.
  • It is particularly stimulating to be allowed and able to contribute to the future of Flanders. You will notice that our enthusiasm makes all the difference.