Starting entrepreneurs sometimes have a hard time finding funding for their business idea. Starting your own business without money is difficult. PMV offers several solutions to assemble start-up capital.

Most banks have loan formulas for start-ups. Yet sometimes they are unwilling to grant a loan because they consider the business idea too risky or because you cannot present sufficient guarantees, for example. No need to worry. Perhaps family, friends or acquaintances do have confidence and might be willing to finance? With the Win-Win Loan, PMV offers them the perfect means of financing. And with a Friends Share, they can become co-owners of your company thanks to a capital contribution. The government encourages such loans and shares: those who finance entrepreneurs this way get a tax reduction. And maybe you can still get a (larger) loan from the bank through the guarantee scheme at PMV? PMV will then partly repay the loan to the bank when things go wrong.

Venture capital

You have an innovative and technological business idea but are not yet realising sales or cash flow? PMV is happy to analyse your case and provide venture capital. PMV will then become a shareholder in your company. We might supplement that financing with a convertible loan that can later be converted into shares or a flexibly repayable (subordinated) loan. After all: PMV’s financing products can be combined. Moreover, PMV financing is the signal for other investors to provide starters with financing.

Life sciences

PMV likes to co-invest in pioneering (bio)technology, innovative (medical) technology and leading service companies in various sectors. We are a crucial investor for many start-ups in the life sciences sector. But we also finance starters with good business ideas in other sectors. We want to give technological innovations every chance to lead to new vaccines, better diagnoses, safer roads, more efficient processes, more competent employees, more sustainable homes, happier animals, a healthier food system or other improvements in society.