Real estate

PMV wants to help shape tomorrow’s society by financing real estate projects and supervising their development. Thanks to PMV’s role, area developments, heritage projects and social real estate offer solutions to the needs of today and tomorrow.

PMV advises, guides and finances (semi-)public and private parties in solutions for polluted areas, heritage, research infrastructure, real estate for people in need of care, etc. Together, we look for solutions in which the user is central and technology offers solutions for quality of life, sustainability and economic viability. Financing and organising these often complex projects requires innovative financing solutions, consultation with sometimes many stakeholders and a great deal of expertise. PMV offers both capital participations and (subordinated) loans, complementing – naturally – the role PMV often plays as project director.

Sustainable and economically viable

With its financing (and guidance) of real estate heritage, area developments and social real estate, PMV aims to provide answers to new social expectations and needs. Not only must these be sustainable, they must also be economically viable. PMV is convinced that only sustainable and profitable solutions lead to new social relevance. That is why PMV tries to enthuse private players for fixed-guide projects with great social relevance. For example, by clarifying costs, permits or premiums, PMV helps to limit the risks for developers and investors and to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors.

Broad market expertise

PMV has extensive experience with projects involving many players, both public and private. For a castle owner or a local government it is not always obvious to keep an overview of which parties should be involved when a castle needs to be renovated or a brownfield needs to be remediated. PMV maintains an overview in such cases. Setting up the – often complex – financial-legal organisational structure to get such projects off the ground is also an expertise of PMV. At the same time, PMV has a broad market knowledge that is necessary for the reallocation and marketing of restored monuments or areas.

Contact our real estate expert

Erwin Vrijens Head of Real Estate Erwin.Vrijens@pmv.eu +32 (0)2 274 64 55