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At PMV you will find a true entrepreneurial culture where cooperation is key. Together with you, we look for the right opportunities in the market and we are a true partner in ambition for our customers.

This is why we cherish our colleagues as our most important capital.

PMV invests in people by giving them the space and resources to continue to grow and the autonomy to fill that space themselves in order to become ever better and more professional.

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Our assets as an employer

Self development

We believe in lifelong learning and encourage our colleagues to further develop their expertise. To this end, we check which training courses match the needs and ambitions of our employees.


Bruxelles, Ma Belle! PMV is located in the heart of Brussels close to the stock exchange. With the central station within walking distance, our offices are easy to reach by public transport. If you do prefer the car, we have an underground car park available.

Working environment

We follow the principle that the workplace should be tailored to the person and the activity of the day. Therefore, in addition to the classic open office and individual desks, we also offer flexible workspaces for phone calls and moments of concentration.


We do not live alone in the world. Both professionally and privately, we constantly rely on people around us. Their knowledge, insights, skills, friendship and affection allow us to function well and to surpass ourselves. PMV therefore attaches great importance to networking. It is good for us and for you.

Our PMV colleagues work for the Flemish entrepreneur

Karien Husson

Do you feel like joining our team? Get in touch!

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