A company that wants to grow needs resources. Especially when large investment tickets are needed, access to capital or debt financing is not always obvious. PMV therefore offers growth companies several ways to get the operating funds they need, tailored to the size and maturity of your company.

In order to grow, your business needs financing. Finding it is not always easy. Growth companies usually not only use internal funding to finance their evolution, but often also bank financing. However: for every euro of bank financing, the bank demands a certain volume of own funds.  Often, the bank’s resources are not enough. Not to worry: there are a lot of non-bank ways to find sufficient funding, which, incidentally, have become more professional in recent years. Still, the need for resources remains high in our country. Per capita, less funding goes to start-ups and scale-ups here than the average in Europe, despite sometimes spectacular rounds of capital.


PMV therefore believes it is important to continue to have a broad focus on financing growth companies. To this end, it offers an arsenal of products, both standard products and tailor-made financing or guarantees. It also invests in various companies through funds. Opening up your company’s capital is one way to achieve your goal. But PMV also offers various flexible loan formulas and can combine several of its solutions effortlessly. Moreover, PMV is a partner that can support your growth project with sector knowledge and other expertise.