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Pept-in platform for the development of innovative antibiotics and 'first-in-class' drugs for difficult-to-modulate human therapeutic target proteins

Aelin Therapeutics is a spin-off of the activities of Aelin Therapeutics. On the one hand it addresses the need for new antibiotics with innovative mechanisms that allow to respond to the increasing number of bacterial infections resistant to available antibiotics.

On the other hand, the platform allows selective functional elimination of human targets underlying currently untreatable or difficult-to-treat diseases.

In 2017, PMV invested together with LSP (now EQT Life Sciences), Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund and Fund+ in a series A round of 27 million euros. This investment will allow further validation of the platform and development of a pipeline of therapeutic products.

The VIB uses the power of protein aggregation to disable the activity of target proteins.

The company develops peptide therapeutics or so-called Pept-ins™, that bind very specifically and efficiently to their target protein in the cell and then induce aggregation and degradation of this target.

Among the other things, the technology allows the development of innovative antibiotics with greatly reduced risk for the development of resistance in addition to therapeutics against targets that are difficult to modulate by more common drugs such as small chemical molecules or antibodies.

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  • ActivityDevelopment of antibiotics and therapeutics against challenging protein targets
  • Entry2017
  • LocationGhent and Leuven
  • Websitehttps://aelintx.com

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