A Cofinancing+ gives your business a boost!

Together with other financiers, PMV offers you a credit of up to 700,000 euros.

Interested? Apply for your Cofinancing+ today.

For whom?

Companies, self-employed and liberal professionals with existing operations already generating positive cash flow.

For what?

For financing tangible, intangible and financial investments, and for financing working capital when expanding your business.



Subordinated loan


Minimum 3 years
Maximum 10 years

Total amount of credit

Minimum 350.000 euro
Maximum 700.000 euro

Own contribution

Minimum 25% of the credit amount
Minimum 10% of the total financing need

Fixed interest rate



Up to 3 years free of capital repayments

Sarah Taybi van Medista

We have become a reference for medical distribution to doctors, hospitals and residential care centres in Belgium, with a little help from PMV.

Sarah Taybi, Medista

How does it work?

1/ Draw up a business plan

A successful business starts with a strong business plan that includes a financial plan indicating whether your business is financially viable. When preparing your business plan, you can seek guidance from your bookkeeper, your accountant, your financial adviser or partners that PMV has worked with. Contact one of our providers who can help you prepare your credit file and submit your application.

2/ File your application

Before preparing your credit file, it is best to check whether your application is eligible for funding. This can be done using the checklists at the bottom of this page.
Part of the total financing requirement must be met by one of the approved co-financiers.

For the preparation and submission of your credit file, you can use one of our providers. You can also submit your Cofinancing+ application yourself at pmv-standaardleningen@pmv.eu.

If you would like tailor-made advice for your financing, contact one of the financing experts at the Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).

3/ Analysis

Upon receipt, a credit analyst will examine your application for admissibility and completeness. The credit analyst may contact you for further information and/or clarification where necessary. After completing the analysis, the credit analyst submits your file with his or her recommendation to the credit committee.

4/ Decision

If the credit committee approves your application, you will receive a credit proposal.
If your application is refused or declared inadmissible, you will receive a notice to this effect, giving your reasons and the various points of refusal. In the event of refusal or inadmissibility, you can resubmit your application with additional information and/or a thorough explanation that refutes the elements of refusal or inadmissibility. A reworked business plan can also be useful here. Based on these new elements, the credit committee may decide to grant you Cofinancing+ after all.
If the credit committee refuses your application again or finds it inadmissible, this decision is final and the application cannot be resubmitted.

Meer info over definitieve weigeringen


Checklist financing for natural persons

Checklist financing for companies

More info can be found in the Cofinancing manual (in Dutch).

Financing via a Cofinancing+ is possible thanks to the guarantee of COSME and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), established within the Investment Plan for Europe. EFSI aims to support the financing and realisation of productive investments within the European Union and to facilitate start-ups’ access to finance.

Cofinancing+ receives European Union support under the Loan Guarantee Facility. Beneficiaries of support from the Cultural and Creative Sectors Guarantee Facility also receive financial support from the European Union under the Creative Europe Programme.

Contact an expert

Tom De Keersmaecker Credit analyst pmv-standaardleningen@pmv.eu

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