How can immovable heritage respond to new social expectations and needs? A sustainable redevelopment through a respectful but up-to-date interpretation gives monuments a new social relevance.

Picpussen - gebiedsontwikkeling

Immovable heritage can be used for the economic, social and cultural development of our region. The combination of social and economic goals can also make heritage projects commercially interesting. You can count on PMV for (alternative) financing and guidance to safeguard the past by giving it an active and sustainable role in the present.

The complex financing issues of historic sites call for innovative financing solutions. That is why PMV, in addition to capital participations and subordinated loans, also offers long leases as a financing tool for its heritage activities, and why it has developed a heritage loan. PMV thus offers various ways of financing your immovable heritage project:

  • complete the financing of your heritage project with a capital participation from PMV;
  • a loan from PMV offers you the financial scope to realise your heritage project;
  • a long lease formula allows you to spread the investment costs;
  • the low interest rate of the heritage loan is a way to finance the works for your project.

PMV enables profitable redevelopment of heritage

In an interview with Sonja Vanblaere, administrator general at the Agency for Real Estate Heritage, and Davy Demuynck, CEO of project developer ION, Erwin Vrijens, head of real estate at PMV, explains the role that the Flemish investment company can play. “Whether a reallocation of heritage is profitable depends, among other things, on the type of building and the location. For developers and investors, there are certainly extra risks. We carry out preliminary procedures and make projects investment-ready by eliminating as many uncertainties as possible. For example, we bring more clarity regarding costs, permits or premiums.” In this way, PMV helps bridge the gap between the government and the private sector. The CEO of project developer ION confirms: “PMV can create a sense of trust between the private and public sectors and bring both sides closer together.”

Read the whole interview (in Dutch) on the news site of De Tijd.

More info on financing immovable heritage?

Bertrand Van Regemortel Senior Investment Manager bertrand.vanregemortel@pmv.eu