PMV wants to help companies grow in terms of ESG and achieve the corresponding objectives, elementary in supporting the sustainable transition. PMV wants to discuss with companies what efforts they make to achieve this. Learn more about the specific PMV approach.

ESG in action

Environment: PMV pays utmost attention to the transition to a sustainable economy and renewable energy facilities. PMV Group’s intervention contributes to the climate objectives by financing or facilitating, among other things:

  • new technologies that help Flanders make the transition;
  • infra-investments that help Flanders achieve the set targets in renewable energy production;
  • initiatives that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Social policy: the contribution of production and services to social issues is key, as is the focus on workers’ rights, diversity, job creation and a safe working environment.

Governance or good governance: the quality and transparency of financial and non-financial information are essential here, but attention is also paid to the presence of independent directors, the quality of managers and appropriate remuneration.

The investment policy of PMV

As an investment company, PMV plays an essential role in the sustainability of the Flemish economy, energy transition and available infrastructure. We want to support and guide entrepreneurs in the current tilt. This is why we have integrated ESG in the investment process, both for direct investments and for funds.

For PMV as a whole, we want to promote ESG-related features and thus voluntarily comply with the principles of “light green” according to Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). In doing so, PMV raises the bar on sustainability in its operations and activities. PMV will agree with the company or fund receiving a loan or equity financing from PMV on how the company will increase its sustainability.
The ESG goals can be achieved if ESG is integrated into the investment process for both direct investments and funds. In 2023 the integration will be rolled out incrementally across PMV’s various departments.
The investment policy will be regularly checked against new regulations and evolutions, as European regulations are quite recent and living issues. For instance, the European Commission is looking into taxonomy, what exactly the promotion of ESG characteristics should entail and what it means to have no negative impact. PMV closely follows new developments and decisions and will sharpen the ESG policy and operation where necessary.

PMV opts for a constructive approach. In this way, it can also optimally adjust a company’s efforts, thereby improving its ESG performance.

Engagement with our stakeholders: the sustainability survey

PMV’s mission and mission has every chance of succeeding if stakeholders are also involved from the start. That is why we organised a sustainability survey of our stakeholder groups for the first time in 2022. This took place in two steps, where, after an initial online survey, we then went deeper into the material themes and the results of the online survey with a group of interested stakeholders. The participants in the so-called deep dives were representatively composed of both the academic and entrepreneurial worlds, supplemented by employees and financial intermediaries.

The main conclusions:

  • Both external and internal stakeholders are convinced that PMV can have a particular impact on SDGs 7 (energy), 8 (sustainable economic growth and employment) and 9 (infrastructure, innovation and industrialisation), an expectation consistent with PMV’s mission. In fact, PMV is already scoring particularly well on these key themes;
  • In addition, SDG 13 (reducing CO2 emissions) was also added as a material theme;
  • PMV must include sustainability risks in its investment analysis in addition to financial risks;
  • As an investor, PMV creates impact by accelerating or enabling innovations and processes. The fact that PMV includes sustainability in the investment decision can inspire and support the entrepreneur.

Finally, stakeholders felt that PMV can lead by example by reporting transparently and setting a clear vision and ambition. Sustainability reporting should not come across as greenwashing. They are convinced that PMV should make extra efforts on certain themes, where focus and doing things effectively are important.

The inquiry is not a representation of society but of PMV’s stakeholders. PMV takes the recommendations closely to heart and will work on them further.


Since 2018, PMV has been reporting on its social added value in its annual report by linking 16 indicators to the SDGs (“Sustainable Development Goals”) set by the UN.
Reporting is revisited based on the guidelines of Article 8 of the SFDR and evolving best practices in the market.

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