PMF Infrastructure Fund

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Infra - Transport

PMF Infrastructure Fund is a private fund that gives institutional investors access to a diversified portfolio of acyclical investments with long-term stable returns.

The fund is an experienced financial partner for clients, developers and construction companies seeking long-term commitments. It has an extensive team with years of experience in establishing partnerships through public-private partnerships and in the field of renewable energy.


PMF Infrastructure Fund invests both in operational projects and during the realisation phase of a project. In its portfolio, the fund seeks a healthy mix between the two. PMF Infrastructure Fund is also active in the creation of consortia and in the selection of industrial and financial partners. Team members deploy their expertise during the bidding process and participate as active shareholders during a project’s construction and operation.

Characteristics of the fund

  • PMF Infrastructure Fund has a committed capital of EUR 100 million.
  • The fund is closed to new investors.
  • The fund invests in infrastructure in Belgium and eurozone countries.
  • The fund invests both primary (at the time of the so-called “financial close”) and secondary (operational projects).
  • The investment horizon parallels the underlying investments in projects.
  • The fund delivers long-term stable returns (maximum 37 years) to its shareholders.
  • PMF Infrastructure Fund was established in November 2011 and invests in projects with stable returns until 2018 at the latest.
  • PMF aspires to have a diversified portfolio of 10 to 20 shareholdings of minimum €2 million and maximum €20 million, depending on the type of investment.
Luc Van Rooijen Fund manager luc.vanrooijen@pmv.eu +32 (0)2 274 64 33