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ArcelorMittal Gent, PMV, Euroports and North Sea Port are working together to realise the very first covered loading quay and warehouse in Ghent: the ‘All Weather Terminal’ (AWT) is an investment of more than 50 million euros.

The new terminal will be built next to ArcelorMittal Gent’s existing general cargo quay and will mainly be used to store and ship ArcelorMittal Gent’s finished steel coils. 20% of the storage capacity can also be used to handle other materials and (general cargo) goods. The new warehouse will be owned by AWT GENT NV, which was set up by PMV and EPICo (www.epicofund.eu). AWT GENT is responsible for the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of the terminal. Thanks to the new AWT, it will be able to offer global logistics services to ArcelorMittal Gent and other customers.

Loading in dry or rainy weather

The first-ever AWT in Ghent allows the various flows of goods to be bundled even more efficiently, giving companies more logistical options. Loading high-grade steel used to be possible only in dry weather. With the AWT, this can now be done 24/7 regardless of weather conditions. The AWT also makes it possible to better spread the supply of coils from ArcelorMittal Gent’s shipping halls to the quay, thus optimising internal logistics operations. Euroports is experienced in handling steel and has been working with ArcelorMittal for many years. The use of the AWT, in combination with the existing ‘open’ general cargo quay, is also necessary to realise the Ghent steel company’s growth. The AWT is also an investment in sustainability, as the higher shipping capacity by ship saves a considerable number of truck transports (up to 25,000 trucks a year). ArcelorMittal Gent thus aims to become a leader in sustainable logistics.


The contract signing took place in mid-June 2018. Construction has now been completed and the ‘All Weather Terminal’ is operational.

PMV’s role

PMV’s role once again ensures support for an important investment dossier in Flanders and strengthens ArcelorMittal’s position in the port of Ghent. The stronger position of industrial companies in Flanders is an important objective for PMV. PMV uses its prominent relationship with institutional investors such as insurers and pension funds to finance such infrastructure projects on a long-term basis. The dossier is also a boost for employment in the port of Ghent. PMV therefore looks forward to enthusiastically realising similar dossiers elsewhere in Flanders in the future. PMV and the EPICo and EPICo CIP funds it manages will be the full shareholders of AWT GENT NV. PMV will fully play its role as developer and facilitator by structuring the project and thereby organising the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of the AWT.

The project in numbers

  • warehouse storage capacity of 60,000 tonnes;
  • 3 fully automated travelling cranes for unloading, sorting and loading material;
  • loading capacity for ships up to 10,000 tonnes;
  • pre-sorting area with 2 automated travelling cranes;
  • loading and unloading with 2 telescopic travelling cranes;
  • 5 hectares total area development with 14,000m² warehouse and 10,000m² covered quay.

Other partners

  • ArcelorMittal Belgium and AWT GENT NV have joined forces to set up a project in which ArcelorMittal Gent can further strengthen its service to its customers. In addition, AWT GENT NV will actively approach the logistics market to further fulfil the potential of the AWT.
  • North Sea Port has given the land for the construction of the terminal in concession to AWT GENT NV and will also dredge the berth.
  • AWT GENT NV entrusts Euroports, as a maritime logistics player, with the operational interpretation for the flows to, from and within the AWT.
  • AWT GENT NV will commission Stadsbader, the well-known contractor for infrastructure works and large industrial projects, to build and maintain the terminal.
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