Life sciences & care

Within PMV, we are the centre of expertise in Life Sciences & Care.

We invest in companies with a solid business plan, that address a clearly defined unmet need and have a strong competitive advantage.

We connect innovative science and technology with outstanding teams, aiming to achieve both financial return and societal impact.

By leveraging our specialised team and broad network of experts, we build leading sustainable companies that can play a significant role, both in our local ecosystem and worldwide.

Confo Therapeutics



Pioneering innovations that offer scalable solutions with a strong ambition to strengthen the local ecosystem


Evergreen investor with hands-on mentality
Entry level: from seed round/early stage to growth/IPO
Tickets: up to €25 million over the lifespan of a company

Target industries

Therapeutics, agbiotech, digital health, medical technologies

Matthieu De Beule, CEO van F

The new capital allowed us to expand our commercial activities and respond more quickly to major market opportunities.

Matthieu De Beule, CEO and co-founder Feops

Team Life Sciences & Care

Bart De Taeye Investment manager bart.detaeye@pmv.eu
Kelly Niesing Management assistant kelly.niesing@pmv.eu
Kenneth Wils Head of Life Sciences & Care kenneth.wils@pmv.eu +32 (0)2 274 63 83
Nathalie Van Bruaene Investment manager nathalie.vanbruaene@pmv.eu
Thomas Beke Investment manager thomas.beke@pmv.eu
Tine Bekaert Senior Investment Manager tine.bekaert@pmv.eu
Max Souvereyns Investment analyst max.souvereyns@pmv.eu
Thomas Marrecau
Thomas Marrecau Investment analyst thomas.marrecau@pmv.eu +32 (0)2 274 63 39