Through Gigarant NV, a Special Purpose Vehicle of the Flemish Government, Flanders provides market-based guarantees starting at one and a half million euro for business loans. A guarantee budget of 3 billion euros has been made available by the Flemish Government for this purpose. Under certain circumstances, in addition to granting the guarantee, investments can also be made in the underlying businesses.

Bematrix Gigarant
Stefaan Decroos - beMatrix

Thanks to Gigarant, beMatrix was able to secure additional financing from the bank.

Stefaan Decroos - CEO beMatrix

Gigarant team

Alain Pire Senior investment manager alain.pire@pmv.eu
Carolien D’Hauwers Senior Investment Manager carolien.dhauwers@pmv.eu
Fanny Lietaer Management assistant fanny.lietaer@pmv.eu
Filip Lacquet Group manager corporate finance Filip.Lacquet@pmv.eu +32 (0)2 274 63 40
Issandra Tursini Business flow coordinator issandra.tursini@pmv.eu
Tim Lievens Senior Investment Manager Tim.Lievens@pmv.eu
Tom Biesemans Investment manager tom.biesemans@pmv.eu
Yves Slachmuylders Senior Investment Manager yves.slachmuylders@pmv.eu
Charlotte Dereere Investeringsmanager charlotte.dereere@pmv.eu

Contact us

We advise financial institutions and businesses to first consult with the Gigarant team before submitting an application.

That way, you are sure to be well informed about the guarantee mechanism, and you can draw up the application in the best possible way.

For more information, please contact gigarant@pmv.eu or call 02 229 52 30.