Do you have a strong business plan but insufficient guarantees to convince the bank?

Via PMV, you can get a guarantee of up to 1.5 million euros, covering a maximum of 75% of the amount of your credit.

In exchange, you pay a one-off premium according to the size and term of the guarantee.

Hota standaardwaarborg PMV

For which entrepreneurs?

SMEs, large enterprises, self-employed and liberal professions and non-profit organisations with an economic activity can all benefit from the generic Guarantee Scheme.

For which financing?

If your financial institution does not want to provide credit because you cannot offer sufficient securities, a guarantee through PMV is a good alternative. Check out the list of participating financial institutions under the terms and conditions below.



Guarantees for credit or leasing of an exclusively professional nature

For entrepreneurs

with a solid and realistic business plan

Maximum amount of guarantees

up to €1.5 million


75% of your financing agreement

Single premium

calculated according to the amount and duration of the guarantee

Through a financial institution

as point of contact

Hota standaardwaarborg PMV

We want to take the next step in our development. To this end, the PMV standard guarantee was a useful tool.


4 steps to a Guarantee

1/ A file for a funding agreement

If you want to conclude a financing agreement, the financial institution will first analyse your case. Each financial institution does this in its own way and according to its own internal rules. The financial institution must have confidence in you as an entrepreneur and in your project to allow the financing agreement.

2/ Additional security for the financial institution

If, as an entrepreneur, you cannot offer enough securities yourself and the financial institution considers the risk too high, the Guarantee Scheme is a possible solution to still make the credit or financing agreement possible.

3/ Signing letters of credit

The financial institution will first ask you to sign the letters of credit. It then notifies PMV of the guarantee. Thus, the financial institution is the entrepreneur’s contact and takes care of handling the guarantee file.

4/ Investigation and approval

In cases with a guarantee up to and including €750,000, the financial institution itself can decide whether or not to use the Guarantee Scheme, in consultation with you, the client. For higher amounts up to a maximum of 1.5 million euro, a thorough investigation is done by PMV and approval is required by the Flemish Minister of Economy. After payment of the premium, the guarantee is established.


FAQs about guarantees by entrepreneurs

Information for financial institutions

FAQs for guarantors

Contact an expert

Renate Verhoeven Manager Standaad Guarantees helpdesk.pmv-standaardwaarborgen@pmv.eu ++32 (0)2 229 52 77

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