Win-Win Loan

Everyone wins with the Win-Win Loan: as an entrepreneur, you can borrow up to 300,000 euros easily and affordably through private investors, friends or family members.

They will put the wind in your sails and they will also get tax benefits each year based on the outstanding capital.

Winwinlening B2Bike

For whom?

All SMEs, self-employed and liberal professionals based in Flanders. Activities in the social economy are also eligible for a Win-Win Loan.

For what?

The borrower must use the Win-Win Loan integrally in the context of his or her business or professional activities, either as a legal entity or as a self-employed person.



Subordinated loan of 5 to 10 years

Total loan amount

up to €300,000

Lending amount per lender

maximum €75,000

Interest rate 2022

between 2,625% and 5,25%

Repayment options

monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, annually, one-off final repayment or early

Tax benefit

2.5% annually

Thanks to the Win-Win Loan, we were able to hire a first colleague and got a financial buffer.

Laura Verhulst, Madam Bakster

Four steps to a Win-Win Loan

1/ Simulate

The Win-Win Loan is a subordinated loan agreed between a lender (individual) and a borrower (entrepreneur or company), which is recorded in a deed. You can simulate the most obvious repayment table online.

Simulate repayment table (in Dutch)

2/ Prepare

Prepare the Win-Win Loan Agreement online, press the ‘submit’ button, print the agreement and repayment table in triplicate and sign both.

Need help?
Download the model credit agreement for a Win-Win Loan (in Dutch).

Draw up a Win-Win Loan (in Dutch)

3/ Send

Once signed by both parties and within three months of entering into the agreement, send a copy of the deed and redemption table by post or (preferably) by e-mail to winwinlening@pmv.eu.

4/ Registration

PMV checks the conditions within a month of receipt and registers the deed if the conditions are met. The lender then receives the registration letter. If the registration is refused, the lender is informed of the reason for refusal.


Conditions Win-Win Loan

FAQs about the Win-Win Loan

Contact an expert

Audrey De Pauw (Winwinlening) Dossierbeheerder winwinlening@pmv.eu 02-229.52.77

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