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Part of 19th-century fortress belt around Antwerp, Fort 4 is an evocative site. The star-shaped domain of about 25 hectares consists of a walled defence stronghold, whose military structures and buildings have been almost entirely preserved. In collaboration with the city of Mortsel and the non-profit organisation Kempens Landschap, the company FORT 4 was founded. PMV develops the framework for financing and also finances itself.

Erfgoed - Fort IV

The historic parts of the fort were protected as a monument in 1984. Twelve years later, the complex was abandoned by the Belgian Army. The city of Mortsel then acquired the domain, which today is mainly used as a park and nature reserve. The various parts of the fort are now to be restored in phases. To make this possible, multi-year funding was granted from the Flemish government. A few years ago, the city of Mortsel started looking for partners to carry out the complex restoration and redevelopment of FORT 4. Kempens Landschap and the PMV took up the challenge. After several years of preparation and a feasibility study, the FORT 4 company was set up by the three partners to take care of everything.

Heritage redevelopment

Fort 4 will be responsible for the redevelopment of the fort. This overall project will not only renovate and redevelop several important buildings, but will also upgrade the fort as a landscape element and socio-cultural attraction. FORT 4 has a public character, which will be preserved even when a number of buildings and possible new activities are redeveloped. The infill will be done with respect for the military heritage, the nature of the fort and the landscape unity. Moreover, a sound financial plan forms the basis for the redevelopment, so that the complex can have a new and sustainable future in addition to a rich past. Incidentally, the renovation process will take several more years.

The heritage project in numbers

  • Net lettable area is approximately 13,000 m²
  • Total investment: €23 million (after deduction of subsidies: €17.5 million)
  • Phase 1 (roofing reduit) in progress

PMV as a financier

The upgrading and redevelopment of the flooded defence stronghold, protected as a monument, exceeds the capabilities of the city of Mortsel. Thanks to PMV’s suitable structuring and financing through the new company, it will succeed. PMV is making a long-term investment in the company FORT 4, which should make it easier to find a viable and profitable use for the complex in which more than 18,000 m² (gross floor area) is to be operated. With the restoration and revaluation, the fort will be given a contemporary, economically viable purpose, bringing new dynamism to the region.


The project is a collaboration between the city of Mortsel, as owner of the fort, on the one hand, and the non-profit organisation Kempens Landschap, which is acting as process and project manager for the realisation of the project and the upgrading of the landscape, on the other.

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