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Real estate projects

PMV advises, guides and finances sustainable area development and real estate projects that are socially relevant or historically significant.

Social real estate, immovable heritage and area development with social added value

Like any capital provider, PMV invests to create financial added value. But PMV also wants to create social added value and thus contribute to prosperity in Flanders. We work in consortium with all capital providers in Flanders, giving us access to a broad network and expertise.

A solid business plan, a strong management team with a clear vision and a positive impact of your company on the Flemish economy are important criteria for any investment decision. We will be happy to look into your financing needs together.

Contact our team

Sara Vanneste Investment manager sara.vanneste@pmv.eu
Chiela Moens Investment manager chiela.moens@pmv.eu
Feya Smets Investment manager feya.smets@pmv.eu
Jessica Bouillon Process manager Jessica.Bouillon@pmv.eu
Tiffany Van Beneden Management assistant tiffany.vanbeneden@pmv.eu
Marc Neirinckx Senior Investment Manager Marc.Neirinckx@pmv.eu
Maarten Bettens Senior Investment Manager Maarten.Bettens@pmv.eu
Steven Adons Principal Investment Manager steven.adons@pmv.eu
Erwin Vrijens Head of Real Estate Erwin.Vrijens@pmv.eu +32 (0)2 274 64 55
Bertrand Van Regemortel Business manager bertrand.vanregemortel@pmv.eu
Werner Decrem PMV Fund Management Werner.Decrem@pmvfundmanagement.eu