PMV Fund management

Since more than 10 years, PMV has succeeded in delivering a positive impact to society and a positive return to its co-investors with various funds.

Fund management

Since 2007, PMV has been actively involved in managing various investments, alone or in collaboration with other partners.

In doing so, PMV can build on an extensive network of investors and financing partners, who put their trust in the expertise of the PMV team, whether it is funds intended for infrastructure projects or funds to finance companies in different life stages and sectors.


Thus, PMV has become an experienced and reputable investor in infrastructure projects in Europe. In almost all projects, PMV works with local partners with whom it has built up a long-term relationship. PMV operates mainly in the Benelux and a number of other countries such as Ireland, Germany and France. In doing so, PMV is very hands-on. Early in the development phase, we work with partners to turn opportunities in the field of infrastructure into successful investment projects. We are convinced that with this proactive approach early in the development process, we can actively contribute to mitigating risks and thus create value for all project partners while achieving an attractive risk-return profile for the partners in our funds. This active involvement also allows us to have a greater impact on achieving the ESG goals of our funds.

Capital and funding for companies

In addition, thanks to a focused investment and exit policy in various companies, always from a long-term perspective and with an eye for social added value, PMV has proven to deliver a profitable track record, including successful exits in companies such as Newtec, Bluebee, Piesync, Trendminer, Pharmafluidics and GST. It is now continuing that expertise with the establishment of the Prosperity Fund.


ESG criteria and objectives are integrated into all stages of the investment process. We analyse every potential investment in the light of our funds’ ESG criteria and objectives. Even after our investment, we remain actively involved to work with management and/or stakeholders of our holdings to realise plans that are in line with long-term sustainability objectives.


PMV has substantial teams with expertise and experience in each of the sectors and domains in which it operates. We are convinced that this is the best way to combine sufficient diversification and in-depth expertise in each of the areas in which we operate. Thanks to these substantial experienced teams, we have an extensive network for generating deal flow, we have an impact when transactions come to fruition and we remain actively involved in our holdings until exit. The team consists of people with diverse backgrounds who often combine experience in both private and public sectors, or have worked at the intersection of these sectors. This “cross-silo” experience enables them to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholder groups


Through various funds, PMV has been successfully operating as a partner or initiator for more than 10 years.

PMF Infrastructure Fund (de-invested) is a long-term infrastructure fund that gives institutional investors access to a diversified portfolio of public-private partnerships and renewable energy assets with stable returns.

PMF Infrastructure Fund

Welvaartsfonds is a joint project of PMV, institutional investors, banking partners, fund managers and individuals to guide companies through the corona crisis and help make the shift to a sustainable economy.


EPICo I is a long-term infrastructure fund that gives institutional investors access to a diversified portfolio of European infrastructure assets with stable returns.


EPICo II is a 12-year fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of European infrastructure assets that fit within Europe’s ambitions for energy transition, digital transition and sustainable mobility.

The Flanders Future Techfund is an early-stage financing fund that wants to meet the financing needs of early technology initiatives of research centres, universities and Flemish spearhead clusters, as well as private parties.

Flanders Future Tech Fund