Annual report 2021

In 2021, PMV once again achieved a good net result of almost 68 million euros. It invested more than 218 million euros last year, spread across its corporate finance and real estate and infrastructure activities, bringing its total advised and managed assets to 1.643 billion. In 2021, PMV again played an important role in the allocation of coronal loans as a buffer against the corona crisis.
Race Report 2020

In 2020, PMV posted a record amount of over 287 million euros in investments and a consolidated net result of 41.6 million euros. In addition, PMV played an important role in combating the corona crisis. Nevertheless, that same crisis also resulted in more write-downs within the PMV portfolio.
Race Report 2019

PMV realised a record amount of almost 238 million euros in investments and an excellent net result of 24.7 million euros in 2019. In this way, PMV once again recorded a broad portfolio of capital participations and loans within various sectors with a clear added value for the Flemish economy.
Annual Report 2018

PMV invested a total of 134.2 million euros in Flemish companies in 2018. The assets under management amounted to 1.21 billion euros and the PMV group realised a fine net result of 3.9 million euros.
Annual Report 2017

With the capital, loans and guarantees invested by PMV every year – in 2017 these amounted to 189.4 million euros – it is aiming to continue encouraging innovation in the most forward-looking sectors and industries, and at every stage in the life cycle of a business. PMV is able to achieve this thanks to its excellent financial strength. At the end of 2017 its assets under management amounted to 1.17 billion euros and PMV had realised 27 million euros in capital gains. Capital losses totalled 12.2 million euros. Last year PMV therefore achieved an excellent net profit of 41.9 million euros. We also gave added strength to no less than 844 companies.
Annual Report 2016

In 2016 PMV has provided investment totalling around 238.1 million euros for the Flemish economy. So 2016 has been an excellent year for the PMV team, and when you look at the net profit as well, it is in fact the best ever. Total capital under management increased to 1.181 billion euros. Operating income rose to 82.2 million euros and the PMV group achieved capital gains of 29.3 million euros, while capital losses fell from 5.3 million euros in 2015 to 1.5 million euros. All this has resulted in a very respectable net profit. The net profit of 37.7 million euros means that 2016 has been a great success.