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Unifly was founded in 2015 by a team of aviation and tech experts. They saw a growing number of drones in the skies, but lacked the tools to manage or visualise them.

This resulted in Unifly, a team of aerospace experts. They created a platform for the safe integration of drones into airspace. Originally a spin-off company of VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Unifly has become the award-winning market leader of unmanned traffic control technology. In doing so, Unifly collaborates with many different research groups and companies, both in Belgium and abroad.

Unifly’s innovative technology allows governments, enterprises and critical infrastructure to manage the integration of drones. Their open platform aligns everyone’s interests and provides an air traffic management system for drones to increase visibility and prevent collisions.

Partners in ambition at Unifly

An initial investment from PMV in 2015 allowed Unifly to build a beta version, generating interest in the market. After an additional investment, Unifly was able to enter the market to conduct test cases with Unmanned Traffic Management software.

In November 2016, PMV participated in a Series A capital round alongside Japan’s Terra Drone Corporation and QBIC to launch commercialisation, build a lobbying network in the European area and professionalise the product and organisation. Finally, in 2019, PMV participated in a series B round alongside DFS, FPIM and QBIC.

Investment team Unifly

Emile Symons Investment manager emile.symons@pmv.eu
Johan Keppens Principal investment manager Johan.Keppens@pmv.eu